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 Ann Arbor, MI  48104
 Chuck Hatt, Principal

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 2014-15 AAPS  Back to School Guide

  • Mon. Sept. 15 - Fri. Oct. 10 : NWEA Test
  • Thurs. Sept. 18 : Fall Festival, 5:30 PM
  • Thurs. Sept. 18 : PTO Meeting, 7:00 pm, Media Center
  • Mon. Sept. 22 - Fri. Sept. 26 : Hearing & Vision
  • Fri, Sept. 26 : Movie Night, 6:30 at Auditorium
  • Fri. Oct. 10 : Picture Day, Retake Day is Nov. 21

***Young 5's Program - Expanded Locations!
The Ann Arbor Public Schools Young 5's program offers an alternative educational program for children whose parents feel that they are not yet ready for a traditional Kindergarten experience. Students are eligible for the Young 5's program if they live in the AAPS district and have turned 5 by May 1, 2014 but no later then October 1, 2014, or by December 1, 2014 with a waiver.

For more information and the locations of the Young 5's program, please follow this link.

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From Your Principal,

Dear Burns Park Families,

It was wonderful to see so many of you at our Curriculum Night this past Tuesday. I will continue to update you on our School Improvement plan that I shared in our auditorium presentation.

Our math initiative work continues. We will train Rotary Club and other volunteers this week in our Khan Academy tool and very soon we will announce parent training sessions as we make this resource available for families. Many thanks to Rekha Desai as she is putting in many hours to finish with final edits and also plan and implement these training sessions.

This week we begin Spanish instruction in grades K-4 led by our BPWLI teachers, Kirsten Darling and Consuelo Digon.

Students have started with classroom meetings and an activity in which they have listed their hopes and dreams for the upcoming school year. They will continue to develop rules and norms with their teacher as they consider how best to support each other in the learning goals that they have established.

Our students have the best ideas! I’d like to share two recent examples.

Jason Aniag who is in Ms. Fisher’s class and Ethan Aniag who is in Ms. Chester’s class have offered a suggestion for our playground.

Earlier in the year they met with me and explained how their previous school in San Francisco used large plastic milk cartons on their playground as building blocks. Ethan submitted a written proposal explaining in detail how they were used.

Both boys then shared with their class and asked for feedback about whether or not this would be a good idea for our playground at Burns Park. Their suggestion was greeted with enthusiasm by their classmates and so we are moving forward with the idea.

Please send in a large plastic milk carton or two if you have one to donate. Students are hoping that we can get a set of 30 or so for use during recess. I have one or two around the house to offer so I know we’re on our way!

Winnie Jalet also met with me to offer a proposal which she and fellow classmates will be sharing in the very near future. I don’t want to spill the beans but I’m very excited to say that Winnie has an idea for keeping the spirit of Wonder alive at Burns Park in a way that can support a lasting legacy for our community. Please stay tuned.

Many thanks to all of you who have volunteered to serve in the lunch room or on our various committees. I will be in touch with each of you during the coming week as we schedule committee meetings and move forward.

Please keep our friend Mr. Leonard in your thoughts as he takes a week off to be with his father who is very ill with pancreatic cancer. I know he will appreciate a card or mention of our care for him and his family.

I’m looking forward to seeing you this week at our Fall Festival on Thursday, the 18th and also at our first PTO meeting later that evening. I’m sure that Rabindar will be sending you more details about these two events.

Your Principal,

Chuck Hatt

Ann Arbor Public Schools