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 1414 Wells Street
 Ann Arbor, MI  48104
 Chuck Hatt, Principal

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 2014-15 AAPS  Back to School Guide

  • Mon. Apr. 13 : M-Step  starts, NWEA test starts.
  • Wed. Apr. 22 - Fri. Apr. 24 : 4th Grade Camp
  • Sun. May 3 -  Burns Park Run 
  • Tues. May 5 - ACES Day

***Friday Morning Hockey (No Hockey this Friday)

-From 8:10am-8:40am
- Who: For students in the grades of 4th-5th grade and their parents


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From Your Principal,

Dear Burns Park Families,

Our family had a special occasion this weekend as we celebrated my mother’s 80th birthday. I’m grateful to her for so many things. As a frustrated English teacher she gave me a love for literature by reading Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson to me in my earliest years. She is a deeply generous person with a wicked sense of humor and always ready to be a champion for those in need.

Perhaps most importantly, she taught me from the beginning, to see strong and intelligent women as a gift and to value equality for all. As a parson's wife, in the '60's and '70's, her confidence and strength were not always universally appreciated. Unfortunately, our students will still face discrimination and inequity around gender issues. Things have changed a great deal in my mother’s lifetime but we have miles to go in this journey.

Rumia Subbian, in Ms. Chatigny’s class, sent me an email this morning with two links regarding the conversation we are currently having in our country about representations of women on our currency.  One connects to an article about a young student who had a question for President Obama about this issue.

The other link offers an opportunity for you and your family to vote in a poll. Perhaps you have time this week to talk with your child and weigh in on the face you’d like to see on our twenty-dollar bill.

It was lovely to see so many students at school each evening last week. Reading and Math Clubs are very busy and Friday was particularly special with many Penguins participating in Science Olympiad along with our awesome parent and family volunteers.

Fourth and Fifth grade Movie night was a big success as well. Seventy-two students watched Hero 6 including the 59 who arrived early for the pizza dinner. Many thanks to our volunteers and parent donations of fresh fruit. Congratulations also to Winnie Jalet and Theo Gibson who each won gift cards to Nicola’s Books in the Movie Night raffle!

On May 6th, for ACES Day (All Children Exercise Simultaneously), we will be walking for the American Cancer Society from 2:30-3:30.  Please wear purple and join us if you can! Parents and family members can sign up to volunteer at 

Along with our walk on the 6th, students will be raising money for the American Cancer Society from April 27th through May 8th.  Did you know that a water bottle filled with dimes equals $100?  We will be trying to fill a water bottle with change in each classroom for this worthy cause.

I want to give special recognition to our teachers who have planned so carefully for M-STEP testing. While a new testing system has been a bit stressful for staff, teachers have made sure that our students are not impacted negatively and things have actually gone quite smoothly. Burns Park teachers are consummate professionals.

Interest continues to build around our playground project as construction begins in earnest this week, weather permitting. Students are beginning to connect the fences around the trees and removed equipment with the drawings and descriptions of what will come. They are getting very excited as are teachers and staff!

Please stay informed and politically active around next month's bond initiative. The district's bond proposal includes new classroom furniture and window treatments for every AAPS elementary classroom, the purchase of new school buses, and much, much more.

We’re looking forward to longer, sunnier days, warmer weather and our many special spring events such as the Burns Park Run, Field Day, and our Ice Cream Social. It’s truly great to be a Penguin and it just gets better all the time!

Your Principal,

Chuck Hatt

Principal, Burns Park Elementary

Ann Arbor Public Schools

Ann Arbor Public Schools