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 Chuck Hatt, Principal

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 2014-15 AAPS  Back to School Guide

  • Mon. Sept. 15 - Fri. Oct. 10 : NWEA Test
  • Wed. Oct. 1 : Student Count Day
  • Wed. Oct. 8 : Visit with an Author, 3rd-5th, 9:00 - 9:45
  • Wed. Oct. 8 : Visit with an Author, K-2nd, 9:55 - 10:40
  • Fri. Oct. 10 : Picture Day, Retake Day is Nov. 21
  • Thurs. Oct. 16 : PTO Meeting, 7:00 pm
  • Fri. Oct. 24 : Movie Night, 6:30 pm
  • Tues. Nov. 4 : No school for all students, Election Day
  • Wed./Thurs./Fri. Nov. 26-28 : Thanksgiving Break

***Young 5's Program - Expanded Locations!
The Ann Arbor Public Schools Young 5's program offers an alternative educational program for children whose parents feel that they are not yet ready for a traditional Kindergarten experience. Students are eligible for the Young 5's program if they live in the AAPS district and have turned 5 by May 1, 2014 but no later then October 1, 2014, or by December 1, 2014 with a waiver.

For more information and the locations of the Young 5's program, please follow this link.

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From Your Principal,

Dear Burns Park Families,
SchoolMessenger is still not linked to you correctly. Here is an email just sent to families:

It was lovely to see so many of you Thursday evening at our Fall Festival and then at our PTO meeting. I enjoyed as many conversations with you as time allowed and was happy to see our children enjoying their friends and at play.

Ianna Breese sent an article which highlights the need that our students have for physical activity and I’m offering a link for you as well.

I’d like to share a special Burns Park moment that occurred this past Friday afternoon. In response to the death of Mr. Leonard’s father we decided to make a card which includes a group photo of Burns Park students and staff.

We agreed to meet on Magic Mountain shortly after 3:00 and Jenn Geer joined us there with her camera. I made an announcement to students and teachers at 3:00 and we walked from the school at that time.

By 3:06 over 480 staff and students were sitting silently, facing the camera, and ready for the picture. I wish you could have been there! For that many students to cooperate in such a timely and peaceful way is simply remarkable. Your children can do anything that they set their minds to!

I’m sure that our student’s ability and desire to work so well together has a lot to do with the love and care that they have for Mr. Leonard and I want you to know about the conversation we will be having with them tomorrow in classrooms.

We will find time, perhaps during Morning Meeting, to share with students that Mr. Leonard's father has died. We will let students know that the funeral occurred today (Sunday) and that many of our Burns Park friends were there to support him and his family.

We will also remind students that they will have a chance to express their concern and love for Mr. Leonard by signing the card we are working on for him that includes our group picture on Magic Mountain.

We will also mention that Mr. Leonard will be coming back to school, that he has missed his friends at Burns Park, and that he is looking forward to seeing them in class. Our conversation will remind students that we have an opportunity to share our feelings with Mr. Leonard on our picture card and that if they have questions they can share them with their teacher or at home with their family.

This conversation will help students to understand that it might be painful for Mr. Leonard to talk about his father's death with lots and lots of students and that other folks can answer their questions if them have them and also help them with their own feelings.

It will be important for us to have an honest and direct conversation with students and also to be attentive for any students who need more conversation and attention due to issues or questions about death that they might have.

Please let us know if you are seeing any signs that your children need more conversation and support from staff. Thank you again for your trust in placing your children under our care.

A few of you have been unsure about events I mention in emails such as our Fall Festival. As we’ve discussed it became apparent that some families are not on our Burns Park PTO email list. You should be getting regular emails from me, such as this one, via SchoolMessenger. You should also be getting regular emails from our PTO. If you’re not getting PTO messages let me know and I will see that you are added to the list.

My email messages tend to be about broader topics. PTO emails are much more detailed regarding school and community activities.

We also have a school webpage which is updated regularly. Here is the link.

You can also visit your Facebook page:

Have a great week.

Your Principal,

Chuck Hatt

Ann Arbor Public Schools